Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rene Caisse Is Right

You know, despite the naysayers, Essiac Tea works, period. I have a good reason for declaring this fact. Let me explain.

One of our long time customers was having trouble placing an order at our new website. It looked like he forgot his password and like all great, secure shopping carts, he got 'locked out' by trying to get in too many times.

After I took his order for A 3 for $110 Essiac Soft Gel special, a gift for his brother, he told me the story of how his brother has been using our powdered Essiac tea for some time and experienced better health since. Then, he went on to explain  how his brother had big growth on his nose when he started taking the powdered tea. After about three months, the growth on his nose vanished. He contributed the vanishing to Essiac Tea.

I don't know about you, but I was impressed. This family is now a lifetime customer of Herbal Balance for Life. There are hundreds of testimonials like this one for Essiac Tea. Our 8 herb Miracle of Essiac Soft Gels are a pleasant alternative to brewing the powdered essiac tea. The soft gels are approximately the same size as a fish oil capsule and just as easy to swallow. They can make a difference in your health, you should try them.

We care about your health, get a new start with Essiac 8.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

International Essiac

Emerging markets in our international sector are growing at a rapid clip. We have launched websites in Colombia and Peru. The Colombian site has already produced sales. Our distributors there have had great success placing our products in the local pharmacies and bodegas.

The fear that the world will not accept essiac is a huge fallacy.  Now that we have 'opened up' this market, it seems to be an unlimited source of business.

Visit our web site to learn more abut our version of essac tea, www.herbalbalanceforlife. com

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do not fear Cholesterol!

Cholesterol is not going to destroy your health and it is not the cause of heart disease.

Cholesterol is that soft, waxy substance that is found in your bloodstream and in every cell in your body, where it helps produce cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and bile acids that help you digest fat.  Your liver makes about 75% of your body's cholesterol.

We have all heard of good and bad cholesterol and that is simply not true.  HDL and LDL are lipoproteins (fats combined with proteins). There is only one kind of cholesterol.  Cholesterol is just cholesterol!  There is no life on Earth that can live without cholesterol.

Inflammation is now the hot word in the medical field because it is linked to so many different diseases and especially heart disease, you know, the one that cholesterol is often blamed for.

Cholesterol and Inflammation, how are they connected?

Inflammation can be a good thing if you cut yourself, then the process of inflammation is what happens when you heal.  Your blood vessels constrict to keep you from bleeding out, your blood becomes thicker so it can clot, your immune system kicks in and sends cells and chemicals to fight viruses, bacteria and other things could infect the area then the cut is healed and a protective scar may form to cover the area.

If your arteries are damaged, a very similar process happens inside your body, except the scar in your artery is now called plaque.

The plaque, along with the new thick blood and constricting of your blood vessels that occur during the inflammation process, can indeed increase your risk of a heart attack.

Cholesterol comes into the picture because it wants to do its job of replacing your damaged cells, remember that no cell can form without cholesterol.  So, if you have a bunch of damaged cells that need to be replaced, your liver is then notified and told to make more cholesterol and release it in your bloodstream. 

When you see your physician, you should request to have a CRP blood test. This is a test to determine if you have chronic inflammation and this CRP level should be used as a marker as to the inflammation in your arteries.
  1. A CRP level that is under 1 mg per liter of blood means you have a low risk for cardiovascular disease.
  2. A CRP level of 1-3 mg means your risk is intermediate
  3. More than 3 mg is high risk


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introducing Total Omega 3 Fusion

First, let me say that many of you out there believe getting Omega-3's is a one-way source to fish and marine Oils. Yes, these are great and popular sources of DHA and EPA, but you may be missing out if you think of plant-based omega supplements as the alternate route. These vegetarian supplements can be an important highway to nutrition, equal to their ocean-derived counterparts.

Many of you may be especially drawn to plant derived omegas as vegetarians, vegans and those who simply are repelled by anything "fishy."

There are a lot of folks that are concerned about the mercury content of fish oil. The Department of Health and Human Services, along with the US Environmental Protection Agency has actually issued warnings that "some fish and shellfish contain higher levels of mercury that may harm an unborn baby or young child’s developing nervous system."

Total Omega 3 Fusion is made with Flaxseed Oil, which is a plant based source of ALA that is automatically converted by your body into a sufficient daily amount of EPA/DHA.
In addition to the Flaxseed Oil, Total Omega 3 Fusion uses Borage Oil, Pumpkin Oil, Plant Sterols, Lipids, particulates, Lignans, DHA (direct from Algae) and a proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants. This synergistic formula provides the broadest range of health benefits available.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Four Characteristic's Of Every Cancer

These four characteristic's must be corrected before anyone can get over cancer.
  1. A weak Immune Systerm
  2.  A lack of oxygen uptake by the cells
  3. Excessive Toxins
  4. Acidity
Conventional cancer treatments (chemo-radiation-surgery) can actually makes these conditions worse. Why? The conventional cancer treatments are approaching the cancer tumor (or it's existence in your blood, lymph system or bone marrow) as if it were the "enemy". Kill the cancer cells at all costs!

Those costs may be your heart, your liver, your kidneys or your life!
Boost your immune system to stay cancer free!
We suggest that everyone begins taking Essiac as a daily health supplement. It is all natural and non toxic. The eight herbs that make up Essiac are designed to identify toxins in your system, and flush them out. Essiac can remove the plaque that coat your organs, allowing them to begin functioning again at peak performance. Essiac can improve your immune system to help fight off illness and disease and can help change your system from acidic to alkaline.

This wonderful herbal remedy has been in use for hundreds of years and we have the most effective version of Essiac, now available in an easy to swallow soft gel.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Essiac And Your Pet

While we have heard comments from other sellers of Essiac, we have never really spent much time thinking about our pets.

Well, a few months ago we received a phone call from a customer that has been trying to give her dog Essiac. She told us that it is been difficult to get her dog to drink the Essiac as she has tried everything to coax her dog to drink the brew. She said at this point, just the smell of the product and her dog runs away.
Essiac for Pets
Essiac 8 Herb Tea For Pets

She heard about the soft gels and asked us what kind of success we have had making this available to those with pets. Quite frankly, we had really not thought too much about this type of marketing and I really didn't have much advice to offer. She told me she would like to buy a bottle and give it to her dog. I asked how she planned on giving a couple of soft gels to a dog and to my surprise; she had already figured that out. She said she would take two soft gels and wrap them up in a piece of ham and it would be no problem for her dog to consume that instantly.

Yesterday we received a call from this same lady who is now buying her fourth bottle of Essiac for her dog. She told us her dog is doing so much better since starting on the Essiac. The dog has had some tumors and other ailments that have slowed him down and now they see him running around and playing like he did 10 years ago. She mentioned to her vet that she had been giving him this product and the vet was very aware that many people give Essiac to their dog and cats. The vet noticed the dog was much more active and even commented that some of the tumors he had been checking have gotten smaller.

I am very pleased to hear her results and not having a pet of my own, I guess I have been totally out of touch with the facts that dogs and cats get sick, they get disease and get ill, just like humans. I never thought of Essiac for pets but now that even the vet knows people give Essiac to pets, I begin to wonder how they have been getting the old fashion brewed version down their throats? I can tell you it was the fact the brewed version was so awful to taste (not to mention stinking up the kitchen during the process) that was the primary reason we came up with the soft gel approach. I personally couldn't swallow it without gagging!

I guess it must be much easier to wrap a piece of bologna around a couple of soft gels and have your dog jumping up and down waiting to devour that snack! And improve their health as well!

If you love your pet, think of this as chicken soup, it can’t hurt but only help!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can eating fruit reduce the risk of getting cervical cancer?

Fight Cancer, Eat Fruit

Can eating fruit reduce the risk of getting cervical cancer?

The results of a recent large study tell us that eating fruit likely helps cut cancer risk. Researchers studied 299,649 women (from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study) to ascertain if fruit intake affects the rate of cervical cancer. An average nine-year follow-up found a significantly inverse association between daily increase in intake of fruits and invasive cervical cancer.

The researchers wrote in the September edition of the International Journal of Cancer, “Our study suggests a possible protective role of fruit intake and other dietary factors on invasive cervical cancer.”

This study shows that what your mother told you was correct. Eat more fruit! Fruit contains many valuable phytochemicals, including vitamins and minerals that supply the body with the building blocks it needs to maintain an optimal immune system.

Whether as a deterrent for cancer or just to maintain overall health, eating more whole foods — fruits included — and less refined foods is something we all should do.

To your health!